Airbrush Makeup & Eyelashes

Airbrush Makeup


If you’re not 100% sure what Airbrush makeup is…

Unlike traditional makeup (where you rub/work makeup into your skin), Airbrush is applied by spraying the makeup in a super-fine mist which sits evenly on the skin, and feels lovely and fresh when being applied!

If you like your makeup to be thick,heavy caked on makeup then Airbrush wouldn’t be for you,as this isn’t the result you will get with having your makeup Airbrushed!!

Reasons for Airbrush:

  • Flawless looking skin-gives amazing coverage – say goodbye to skin imperfections
  • Long-lasting – lasts up to 24hrs without smearing, fading or caking-up your skin. No need for touch ups!!!!
  • Lightweight – doesn’t look or feel like you’re completely ‘caked’ in makeup.
  • Hypoallergenic – No sponges (which hold masses of bacteria and spread infection) needed to apply foundation
  • Looks amazing on camera!



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I apply cluster lashes as part of my packages (Bridal,Prom and Special Occasion Packages) to give you the WOW factor,Instant fullness,Length and Volume-opening and brightening your eyes instantly!!!

I offer both natural lashes & also double drawn fuller lashes for a more fuller thicker look.

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